Elaine Gorelik, DDS

Dr. Elaine Gorelik is one of the top cosmetic dentists Los Angeles has to offer. A graduate of the esteemed UCLA School of Dentistry, she has completed extensive post-graduate trainings in cosmetic, reconstructive, implant and laser dentistry. In addition, she is well-versed in complex prosthodontics, which is a fascinating area of dentistry that focuses exclusively on designing, fabricating, and fitting extremely natural-looking artificial teeth. At Trident Dentistry, Dr. Gorelik focuses on treating our patients in a biologic sense, and is particularly interested in the biocompatibility of dental materials. She is also dedicated to treating periodontal disease and using the safest methods possible to remove mercury. In addition to remaining committed to providing our patients with the extraordinary level of care they have come to expect from Trident Dentistry, Dr. Gorelik also hones her skills and expands her expertise by attending seminars and conferences devoted to technological advancements in the industry, aesthetic dentistry, and general dental care. A genuine leader in her field, Dr. Gorelik is also an active member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Academy of Laser Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Alexandra Stahle, DDS

Years ago, Dr. Alexandra Stahle made the decision to leave her home country of Colombia to start a new life in the United States. Throughout this period of growth, she became bolder and more independent. She also met and wed the love of her life and had two children, creating a beautitul family of her own. When asked what matters to her most, Dr. Stahle explained that her patients being well cared for was of paramount importance. She takes pride in delivering ethical dentistry at the highest level. She is vehemently against cutting corners. Her principles are bound by honesty, strength, and trust. Her patients, in her eyes, represent an extension of her family. Dr. Stahle understands that the deep trust necessary for a healthy patient doctor relationship is precious, and therefore aims to do what is in her patients’ best interest. Dr. Stahle’s passion for dentistry stems from her appreciation of how the practice uniquely combines facets of art and science. For this reason, you will find that Dr. Stahle has dedicated a great deal of time taking continuing education as well as investing in her practice, ensuring that her care is of the highest caliber. When not taking care of her beloved patients, you will most certainly find Dr. Stale making memories with her family, whether it’s playing volleyball on the beach, dancing to salsa music or simply watching her children and husband laughing and having a good time.

Joel Krejmas, DDS

Raised in Southern California, Dr. Joel Krejmas knew from a very young age that he wanted to become a dentist after he experienced what a difference a dentist’s personality could make to him, a patient with dental anxiety. He wanted to be that person for others. Dr. Joel Krejmas started his higher education journey at UC San Diego where he studied nanoengineering with a focus on bioengineering. During his time at UC San Diego, Dr. Krejmas volunteered at the largest Pre-Dental Society in the nation working at student-run free dental clinics throughout San Diego County. It was at these dental clinics where he focused on identifying causes of dental disease amongst a patient base of those most underserved in the community. Following graduation, Dr. Krejmas moved to New York City where he attended Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, which prepared him to offer even the medically complex patient excellent treatment. While in attendance, he was honored to serve as the dental school’s student senator, representing the student body’s interest to the greater university. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Krejmas enjoyed weeknights spent at concerts under the stars in Central Park or weekends admiring long-ago treasures at the MET. Some days a simple jog around the city or finding a shady tree to hang his hammock from was all he could fit in with the long hours of studying. After dental school, Dr. Kreimas completed a joint general practice residency with Universitv of California Los Angeles and the Department ot veteran Attairs in North Hills, CA. Opting to stay for a second year as Chief Resident. he gained valuable experience in prosthodontics, oral surgery and implantology, which has served him well in treating even the most complex of dental rehabilitation cases. Dr. Krejmas values a conservative approach in dentistry and uses his skills to treat each one of his patients with the very best care. When not practicing dentistry, you will likely find him working on his golf game at one of Los Angeles County’s many courses.